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Diversity Statement

AFP NY, Hudson-Mohawk Chapter is committed to seeking and actively promoting diversity of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, background, and perspectives in all aspects of our work: Board and staff configuration, members, among consultants, clients, colleagues and suppliers.

We value diversity not only because of the opportunity it engenders for others, but because we believe it improves the quality of our profession and the impact of our work. Because diversity and cross-cultural competence are not characteristic of many surrounding institutions, we recognize that achieving these goals will require pro-active and affirmative efforts. To these we are also committed.

We are committed to an inclusive culture that not only attracts the best and the brightest, but also supports and empowers fundraising professionals to reach their full potential.

We are committed to an inclusive culture within our chapter and our profession that fosters an open, positive and satisfying work and volunteer environment and that respects and rewards each individual on the basis of personal achievement and contribution.

We believe that creating and investing in a diverse workforce and membership, and celebrating the myriad of cultures, lifestyles experiences and ideas they offer is key to our every success-the goals we set, the relationships we build with donors, colleagues and the nonprofit organizations we represent, as well as the quality of our work-as fundraising professionals.

The AFP NY, Hudson-Mohawk Chapter Diversity Chairs and their committees will:

  • Work to ensure that a broad diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is recognized and made an integral/basic part of AFP NY, Hudson-Mohawk's activities in member recruitment and leadership development – for all levels of the Chapter's activities (Board, Committees, Bridge Committee, etc.)
  • Work to ensure that every aspect of the Bridge Conference recognizes, encourages and embraces the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of the organizations and people the Chapter serves
  • Establish a joint diversity/education task force through the chapter diversity committee
  • Liaison/collaboration with other organizations for expansion and diversification of educational programs and opportunities
  • Strengthen Chapter relationship with AFP International for promotion of fundraising advocacy issues, improved member programs, and services
  • Institute and establish strategic alliances with like groups as opportunities develop
  • Foster national cooperation and exchange of knowledge, techniques, and education among other AFP chapters, like fundraising organizations, and AFP International

    For additional information, please contact Diversity Chair, Jonathan Richardson.