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Library of Webinars

AFP Hudson-Mohawk Chapter

Library of Webinars

To learn more about rental opportunities, please contact AFP board member, Lisa McGrath at


Writing a Fabulous Case for Support with Tom Ahern

(Original program date: February 5, 2013)

In this revealing session, one of North America's most experienced case writers shares his secrets for properly selling your projects, programs, endowments, initiatives, buildings, renovations, and bright ideas. This is presentation is for anyone who produces donor communications. Beginners welcome.


Online Success Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets with Ted Hart

(Original program date: June 8, 2013)

Over the past decade, nonprofit organizations have been inundated with Internet services and technology options. This session taught by Ted Hart, one of the world’s foremost experts on Nonprofits and the Internet will focus nonprofit leadership on how they can improve the management, networking and fundraising of their organization through the use of these tools.  Content is based on the new book, "Nonprofit Internet Management: Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets." While nonprofit organizations continue to embrace the use of the Internet for a variety of purposes, the challenge organizations face is not whether they should be using the Internet, but instead HOW they should manage their Internet applications in a coordinated, cost-effective and efficient manner to leverage these efforts for maximum benefit. Following the guidance offered in this book will help charities address increasing public demands for accountability and performance measurement of nonprofits.


Ethics 101 with Paul Pribbenow

(Original program date: August 23, 2012)

Everyone who belongs to AFP must sign and abide by the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.  Does that mean every member’s ethical performance is identical?  We need to continue to have the conversation so we all make better decisions when challenging questions are posed.  Assessment is a great too to help us continue on our journey to be the most ethical practitioners we can be and to help us keep asking those questions.  Built on information and insights provided by AFP members: AFP Ethics Committee guided development; Almost 2,000 AFP members participated in design and testing and Linked directly to AFP’s mission: AFP ... advances philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice ethical and effective fundraising


Annual Fund and Major Gifts partnerships: Pipeline Management and Donor Maximization with Michael Delzotti and Chris Kasavich

(Original program date: October 10, 2013)

When the span between fundraising campaigns is measured in hours, it can be difficult to think about anything but the next major gift. And while a focus on cultivating and soliciting these high-wealth prospects is key to a successful fundraising effort, where do those prospects come from? The most effective fundraising directors know an integrated approach which consistently acquires and upgrades annual giving donors is critical to populating major gift portfolios. 

This course will examine the interchanges between annual giving and major gifts, with a careful eye on strategy and tactics to enhance both programs as well as the overall fundraising effort. In this case, 1 + 1 really do add up to more than 2!

Course participants will come away with a greater understanding of the roles of both programs when they work well together, and specific steps to maximize returns in or out of a campaign. While this is a great session for development directors, this is also a good session for Executive Directors and CEOs who are looking to enhance their existing development efforts.


Firing Lousy Board Members - And Helping the Other Succeed with Simone P. Joyaux

(Original program date: February 27, 2014)

Yes, your organization should fire non-performing board members. Of course, that means you have to define what is good and not so good. And you need ways to fire them that don't cause pain – to them or your organization. And please! Do not decide to "just stick it out" till someone's term expires! Join this workshop to learn the secrets to this tricky business.